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Get "Star Wars" Bagpipe Ready!

Playing Star Wars has been a consistent crowd pleaser in my piping journey. You'll excite people of all ages when you get Star Wars Bagpipe Ready! 

Have a blast learning the proper technique for grace notes, doublings, triplets, D Throws, E strikes, B strikes. 

Ready to fast forward your bagpiping journey?

It was the rebel in me that led me to start teaching myself Star Wars on the bagpipes. 😐

I was 12, going on 13, and I'd already been playing the pipes for a few years. Just getting into my teenage years, I was already becoming a bit of a rebel.

The old parade marches that I was learning had lost their appeal. They were being replaced by modern jigs and hornpipes.

I was looking for something different in my piping...

Something that would help me stand out as a bagpiper in my own right, from all the other pipers out there (including my dad and two brothers).

Then I found the answer to my bagpiping dilemma! I'd heard a rumor from somebody that you could play Star Wars on the bagpipes. Immediately, I became obsessed with teaching myself Star Wars, keeping it hidden from my bagpipe instructor of course! Haha! I watched and rewatched the intro of our Star Wars VHS tape. 

It was early days for the internet, I could play an entire tune on my chanter while I waited for one webpage to load! It was a process, but using the dial-up internet I managed to find some sheet music online!

After that Star Wars became my number one tune to play for friends, families, ceilidhs, and talent shows. 😁

I want you to be successful in adding Star Wars to your piping repertoire!

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Either way, you are getting my note-by-note instruction, as I walk through both the basic version and the more advanced version with embellishments.

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Get Bagpipe Ready HERE!

I'm excited to see ya in the next module!

Happy piping!

Alec Chisholm


2 Modules

"Star Wars" Lesson 1

You may have already found this first lesson on YouTube. Here, I go through the first phrase of Star Wars on the chanter. I also play it on the highland pipes for you. 

"Star Wars" Lessons 2 to 4

In this module, we'll go over the rest of the tune with the embellishments. But don't worry! It'll all be note-by-note instruction. I'll also include the sheet music!

Free access included with Get Bagpipe Ready Membership!!

Modules for this workshop 2
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