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Get "Atholl Highlanders" Bagpipe Ready!

Atholl Highlanders a beauty 6/8 march!

I first heard Atholl Highlanders on CD (remember when we had CD's?!) by a band called Enter The Haggis. They piped it very up-tempo and I was hooked! 

But I confess, this was one of those tunes that I half learned. Surely I'm not the only bagpiper who procrastinates on polishing off and memorizing tunes?

In any case, I am so grateful that Athol Highlanders was requested for a Bagpipe tutorial workshop because now I had the deadline I needed to memorize this traditional Scottish bagpipe 6/8 march!

I am so thankful to have grown up playing to Atholl Highlanders on the bagpipes! Now, I'm here to help both intermediate and beginner bagpipers learn this classic bagpipe tune!

Now let's get "Atholl Highlanders" Bagpipe Ready :) 

(Note: This Workshop provides lessons on Parts 1 and 2 of the tune, which is the first 4 lines.)

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Get Bagpipe Ready HERE!

I'm excited to see ya in the next module!

Happy piping!

Alec Chisholm


3 Modules

Atholl Highlanders Bagpipe Demo

Here I'll play through Atholl Highlanders for ya to have a listen.

Lessons 1 - 3 "Atholl Highlanders" FREE!

In this first module, we'll go through most of the first 2 lines of the tune!

You'll be amazed at how you can hear the melody of Atholl Highlanders coming through!

Lessons 4 - 7 "Atholl Highlanders"

I'm so excited you're joining me to work on the rest of the Atholl Highlanders!!

We'll make sure you get the rest of this tune under your belt! You've got this!

Now, let's get piping :)

Modules for this workshop 3
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