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Get "Skye Boat Song" Bagpipe Ready!

I remember hearing Skye Boat Song for the first time...

I was at a seniors living facility. Our local youth 4H club was entertaining the old folks. I was playing my pipes of course!

One of my friends, she was a very talented singer, sang Skye Boat Song to the piano. It was Beautiful. Everyone in the audience turned up their hearing aids so they could hear her quiet singing better.

When my brother and I followed up playing our Scotland The Brave on our bagpipes everyone couldn't crank down their hearing aids fast enough! 

I said to myself, "It's not always about fast jigs, I need to learn Skye Boat Song!" 😮

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I'm excited to see ya in the next module!

Happy piping!

Alec Chisholm


2 Modules

"Skye Boat Song" Lessons 11 to 17

In this module, we'll go over the rest of this wonderful tune... you've got this!!

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