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Ready to fast forward your bagpiping journey?

I had to laugh at myself when mistakenly opted not to play Scotland The Brave.

It was a great piping gig. I got to play outside under the trees by a small clear river while all the outdoor wedding guests mingled.

"Just play whatever you want," they said.

So I played all my difficult competition marches and my fastest fanciest jigs. I was impressing myself... but not the wedding guests. 😐

Finally, one person asked if I could play a certain tune, then he goes and hums the first line of... you guessed it, Scotland The Brave.

Almost immediately everyone started toe-tapping and clapping along to the popular tune.

At the end of the day, it was Scotland The Brave, that one the crowd over! 😁

Be successful in adding Scotland The Brave to your piping repertoire!

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Either way, I'm excited to see ya in the next module!

Happy piping!

Alec Chisholm


3 Modules

Basic Melody & 5 Day Challenge

In this first module, we'll go over the basic melody of the entire tune. Then, in the next 5 lessons, we'll go over the first phrase with all of the embellishments.

Lessons 6-8

In this first module, we'll continue our bagpipe journey, note-by-note, to get you comfortable playing the entire tune with embellishments!

Let's keep on piping on!

Tempos For Scotland The Brave

Struggling to keep a steady tempo with Scotland The Brave? Then this module is for you! Play along with me to find a steady rhythm. 

Modules for this workshop 3
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